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It's all a bunch of Croc 





















    (get the picture??)






LEGAL EAGLE?!? & Money

(more like not so legal duck...

politics & banksters, too)§












around the World




















Cranberry Crane









































(yes, we DO mean football. . .  among other things)






















stay cool





This page was created for 17" monitors, if your computer screen is smaller or bigger than 17" some pictures might not show properly and/or in the place intended.

Oh, yeah.... one more thing:  CROCTALES is not, what we call an "instant" cartoon. You don't just consume it. You have to look closely and figure out the story behind each and every picture by yourself. Of course there are hints (signs, subtitles) but keep these things in mind:

1. Ducks can('t) spell.... go figure...

2. CROCTALES pictures are drawn by a retired attorney. So look for twisted words and double-meanings.

3. Some pictures just show scenes of South Florida living for you to ENJOY

Sometimes you have to read between the lines........... and think outside the box

Crossing the line means just that:


going digital...

... hey, what did you expect?

 For the new "Alien" version of CROCTALES®  - Let's Croc! check out CROCTALES® go German

a piece of paradise

friendly Alien ahead

you can be everything you desire;

even a Cowduck

go get'em

... the apples of course

you didn't think "alien" did you??!?


Head in the clouds?

.... yeah and in books, too


prepare for

hurricane season

Since their first appearance the CROCTALES comics have moved from the back of my calendar to notepads and now sketch books. Most of the stories reflect our daily life, stuff that's going on with or around us. But sometimes the ink runs away and our little friends develop a life of their own - you never know what they are up to next!


You've heard about a cat scan...

but a duck-scan?!?

It's not easy to scan a "sharp" duck...

(Believe me I've tried - so far more than 2,000 CROCTALES pictures)

Drawn with an old fashioned fountain-pen there is no room for second thoughts.

There are no mistakes! .....

Our latest project: CROCTALES fish school

The new CROCTALES book "A B C  - learn the CROCTALES alphabet" is now available at the Blurb online bookstore.

Welcome to the CROCTALES school of reading and spelling - a fun way to learn your ABCs. For more info check out our publishing site

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